Poetry at Round Top 2015

Festival Schedule

Friday, April 17
3:30p Time to Write or Optional Workshops
Ellen Bass, “The Art of Metaphor: What is it like?”
Michael McGriff, “The Smell of Barbershops Makes Me Sob Out Loud”

Panel: Composing the Book
Kevin Prufer, Malachi Black, Laura Van Prooyen, Michael McGriff

6:00p Dinner

8:00p Featured Readings
Carrie Fountain
Patricia Smith

9:30p Kafe Kaffeine
Round Top Fellows Reading

Saturday, April 18

9:00a Featured Readings
Laura Van Prooyen
Malachi Black

10:15a Panel: Writing Lives
Ellen Bass, Carrie Fountain, Patricia Smith, Richard Blanco

11:00a Time to Write or Optional Workshops
Malachi Black, “The Objective Correlative”
Laura Van Prooyen, “Ideas Taking Shape”

12:30p Lunch

2:00p On Craft: A Q & A with Sharon Olds

3:00p Featured Readings
Kevin Prufer
Michael McGriff

4:30p Open Mic or Optional Workshops
Patricia Smith, “Scaling the Wall”
Carrie Fountain, “Fear of the Bad Poem, “Exposure and Response Therapy”

6:00p Dinner

7:30p Featured Readings

Richard Blanco
Sharon Olds

8:30p Special Music Presentation
Reception to follow immediately

Sunday, April 19
9:00a Distance Avails Not! Hosted by Judy Jensen

10:00a Featured Reading
Ellen Bass

11:15a Time to Write or Optional Workshops
Sharon Olds, A Generative Workshop (10 participants only)
Kevin Prufer, “The Poems Think (Musically)”
Richard Blanco, “Five Ways to Break a Line and Other Mysteries”

1:00p Garden Party Picnic and Anthology Reading