Poetry at Round Top 2017

Festival Schedule

Friday, April 21

3:30p Time to Write or Optional Workshops or Manuscript Consultations

“All the Voices Within Us: Building Conversation, Dialogue,’Real’ Talk in Poems,” Wendy Barker

“Personal Velocity: Finding Ways to Energize Your Poems,” Sheila Fiona Black

“Straight Up: Honing the Craft of Being Overt,” Sasha West

Manuscript Consultations:

  •       Octavio Quintanilla
  •        J. Scott Brownlee


Panel “What We Find in Poetry”: Vijay Seshadri, Lisa Olstein, J. Scott Brownlee, and Barbara Crooker

“It is difficult
to get the news from poems
yet men die miserably every day
for lack
of what is found there.” (William Carlos Williams)

6:00p Dinner

8:00p Featured Readings

Octavio Quintanilla

Natalie Diaz

Kafe Kaffeine, Round Top Fellows Reading to follow immediately

Saturday, April 22

 9:00a Featured Readings

J. Scott Brownlee

Sheila Fiona Black

 10:15a Panel “Location and Dislocation”: Octavio Quintanilla, Natalie Diaz, Sheila Fiona Black, Wendy Barker

11:00a Open Mic or Optional Workshops or Manuscript Consultations

“Abstraction and Concretion, Sense and Non-Sense,” Vijay Seshadri

“The Art of Writing About Art,” Barbara Crooker

A workshop by Robin Davidson (title to come)

Manuscript Consultations:

  • Octavio Quintanilla
  • Sasha West

 12:30p Lunch

2:00p On Craft: Cornelius Eady

3:00p Featured Readings

Lisa Olstein

Wendy Barker

 4:30p Open Mic or Optional Workshops or Manuscript Consultations

“Poetry & Photography:  Writing the Poem We Can Almost See,” Octavio Quintanilla

“Description/Departure or The Brain is a Simile-making Machine,” Lisa Olstein

Manuscript Consultations:

  • Sasha West
  • J. Scott Brownlee

 6:00p Dinner

 8:00p Featured Readings

Vijay Seshadri

Cornelius Eady

Special Music Presentation, John Mills

Reception to follow immediately

Sunday, April 23

9:00a Distance Avails Not! Hosted by Judy Jensen

9:45a Featured Reading

Barbara Crooker

11:15a Time to Write or Optional Workshops

“From ‘Me’ to ‘I’ to ‘We’: Summoning the Power of the Collective Voice in Persona Poems,” J. Scott Brownlee

“Deep Image: Discovering Our Obsessions and Emotional Images,” by Natalie Diaz

Cornelius Eady Workshop

1:00p Garden Party Picnic and Anthology Reading