Poetry at Round Top 2014

Friday, April 11

3:30 Optional Workshops or Time to Write

Joy Harjo, “The Care and Feeding of the Spirit of Your Creativity”

Eduardo Corral, “Dwelling in Language”

 5p Invocation

Panel:  The Practice of Poetry

Gregory Orr, Tomás Q Morín, James Tolan, Jenny Browne

 6p  Dinner

8p Featured Readings:

Jenny Browne

Gregory Orr

 9:30p Kafe Kaffeine

Round Top Fellows Reading

Saturday, April 12

 9a Featured Readings:

Tomás Q Morín

James Tolan

 10:15a Panel:  Music, Performance, Poetry

Joy Harjo, Jericho Brown, Susan B.A. Somers, Eduardo Corral

 11:00 Optional Workshops or Time to Write

Gregory Orr, “A Craft Talk About Quest”

Tomás Q Morín, “Pulling Out All the Stops”

 12:30 Lunch

 2:00 On Craft: Jane Hirshfield

 3:00 Featured Readings:

Susan B.A. Somers-Willett

Eduardo Corral

 4:30p Open Mic  or Optional Workshops

Jenny Browne, Dear Stranger: “Epistolary Impulse and Innovation”

Jericho Brown, “Jump-Start Your Engines”

 6p Dinner

 8p Featured Reading:

Joy Harjo

Jane Hirshfield

 9:00 Special Music Presentation: Joy Harjo

Reception to follow immediately

Sunday, April 13

9a Distance Avails Not! Hosted by Judy Jensen

 10a Featured Reading:

Jericho Brown

 11:15 Optional Workshops or Time to Write

Jane Hirshfield, “On Voice”

Susan B.A. Somers-Willett, “Performance Poetry”

James Tolan, Poetry, “Second Voice and the Descent”

 1:00 Garden Party Picnic and Anthology Reading

Manuscript Consultations (to be scheduled throughout the weekend): Tomás Q Morín, Susan B.A. Somers-Willett